What is Event Blogging ? Event Blogging Case Study 2020


What is Event Blogging ? Event Blogging Case Study 2020

Are you searching for What is Event Blogging then you are at right post here i will share you About Event Blogging you can read About Event Blogging Case Study
A blog which target to a single day or week or month for receiving thousands or millions Traffic is called event blog.

What is event blogging
Example: Happy New Year,Big Boss,Ramdan,Diwali,IPL,Etc…
In the short time, you can make huge income. In a single day, you can even make $$$. 

Keyword Search

In our Case We Choose Diwali, now assume if diwali is coming here what people search ? Your answer is happy Diwali images, wishes Right ? this process is calling keyword research.But what people exactly search and how many searches if you know then you can use free tool of Google keyword planner and also paid tool ahref is mostly used.
Before we go to next step then we require Domain and Hosting.If you know about domain and hosting you can search on Google.

When should we start an event blog?

Generally i suggest 3 month before the event because domain,blog setup , content , backlinks and indexing for ranking

Ranking Staitrgy

If you work in event blogging and you can make $$$ it is not easy because you are not alone who work on event blogging if event is worldwise like new year then competition is tuff from worldwise dont worry here some secret blogging tricks to help you rank
Search engine optimization (SEO) With help of them we can rank website and I suggest you work on low competition keyword.


Content is king ,make good and unique articles,write article regularly it is called on page seo.


Backlinks is off page seo technique if you make high quality backlinks your chances is more to rank, backlinks finish half work of event,without backlinks no chance to rank.
For Backlink process, you can make backlinks daily or even in a single day but make sure that they index naturally, else it will considered as spam.
You can search about backlinks on Google.

Social Signal

Gain social signal daily, or you can buy some social signal from Fiverr. Google plus vote is very important for event blogging. Apart from google plus, you can gain social signal from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and etc.
Personally, I do use Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest for the social signal.

How To Earn From Event Blogging And How Much 

This main question how we can make money and how much, There is many way to generate money from event blogging like Amazon affiliate, AdSense And Third Party Ads but I recommend Adsense.
 Second if you use Adsense it is dependent on how much traffic you gain ,how many click get and what cpc all of depends on your luck also 
So this is beautiful article I share you on my experience i work event blogging on diwali i make $$ digit in my adsense, if this article is helpful for you then share to social media.

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